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 Annette Allan
 Murdered & Missing April  22, 2001 
 Body Recovered ~ June 4th. 2001

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Black Cat

The Whitehorse Star ~ click on link, go to ARCHIVES, punch in Keyword Annette Allan date June 3, 2005

Use the keywords: Surrey House Of Horrors Annette Allan Joanna Larson Joseph Francis Legassie Francis Joseph Gauthier Spirits freed..

Annette Allan (28) Beaten & Tortured in the Surrey  House Of Horrors - Crack Shack by 2 drug addicts; Joanna Lee Larson (31)  (prostitute known as JoJo) & Francis Joseph Gauthier (34) 
Media reports the pair admitted they bound & gagged Annette, drove all around the lower mainland with her Annette in the trunk for 8 hours then, tossed her beaten body into the Fraser River.
Annette's body washed ashore on New West side of Fraser River  almost 6 weeks later.
Legs bound with clear packing tape, her wrists bound behind her back and a gag in her mouth.
  I have read the articles & watched the newscasts that referenced Annette as a Surrey drug (crack) addicted prostitute.
Toxicology confirms Meth in her system. A lot of Meth in her system.
Things must of changed a great deal in Annette's  life and, it changed in a very short period of time because that kid lived in my house for months. She worked at Quizno's full-time and then some. Her boss loved her and i am very sure he would be happy to confirm what a go-getter, happy go lucky girl Annette was at that time in her short life.  Annette loved her job, she would jump on a Bus and cover for the staff at the drop of a hat. Annette felt proud and very accomplished.
Annette never drank or used any drugs of any kind while living in my home.  Zyban to quit smoking was the only drug we had in the house..
However Annette did disclose she had a battled with an IV cocaine addiction in the past. She had never worked as a prostitute from what she told us "Girls" and we kept her away from our business. Annette boasted she sold Cocaine to support her own habit but, all that was left behind in Whitehorse.
I was never sure if i believed everything Annette boasted about because i recognized a lost little girl trying so hard to fit in somewhere and, she felt so little of herself she believed it would only be the drug & criminal sub-culture that would accept her. So, she injected more cocaine than the average addict would of overdosed on. Sold more cocaine on a New Years Eve than 3 dealers could of ever put out.
I just let her yack on about it until she got comfortable with me and let that little girl guard down. There was no more stories about her cocaine history.
Some days she drove me nuts because she really did have the heart of a little girl but, she had the mind of a little girl too.
"nettsy" clean up the bathroom, "nettsy" don't leave wet towels on the floor. "nettsy" quit that picking at your face, "nettsy" your driving me crazy, "nettsy i m gonna kill ya" Nettsy" your killin me."
She went on and stayed on a health kick to undo the damage she felt she had done to herself, so i got on the kick with her.
She quit smoking, i had to quit too. Yet every time she worked the night shift (every night but visit nights) she would bring me home a Quizno's Sub.. But they are health food.. I loved her, she made Mayo a health food.
I never even had a beer when "nettsy" lived with me. I couldn't take her lectures about what harm i was doing to my body. And, the girls just loved her. Rose adored Annette.
Rose being close to 60 now, i have never told her Annette was Murdered.
After our night visits out at William Head, we would get into our pjs, find a movie on the idiot box but mostly, we would tell each other stories and laugh ourselves silly.   
Annette told me a lot about why she had moved away from Whitehorse. She wanted to escape her addiction, her abusive boyfriend & start a new life for herself in Victoria.
It looked to us like she was on the right path.
She spoke to her Mother often and i knew Annette was homesick.
She never told me one word about her Mother or her Family.
I couldn't even tell you if she had a Father, Brothers & Sisters.
She talked a lot about her ex and i know she lived with him.
She loved him but i know she was very afraid of him.
She used to talk a lot about how much she enjoyed working in the "Beer Store" and how she had taken a Restaurant Management course via Distance Learning. "Graduated with the highest honors". She was going to own her own Restaurant one day..
I suggest what she found in Victoria were more false hopes, broken dreams, betrayal, loneliness and all the same people she was desperately trying to leave in her past.
How Did I Meet Annette Allan??
I first got to know Annette "nettsy" (net-cee) when I gave her rides to William Head Institution. I would pass her as she was walking the 15 miles to get to her visits. Sometimes 15 miles back because she didn't have the money for a Bus.... She never asked any of us other visitors for a ride either.
She was "In Love" so she was happy to walk.
One day the rain was just pelting down and ther was this woman just trucking down the road. Head down and moving at a good clip.
I thought this is nuts, no friggin man can be worth this kind of loyality. I pulled over and opened the car door. She never had to be invited in because she just dove into the car. Thoese liquid brown eyes of hers looking almost scared.. But, she had seen me at visits so i guess she relaxed some.
I gave her a ride every time i saw her out on the road, she never said a lot and she never asked me to drive her back out.
If we left at the same time & often we did, i would just pull up beside her and ask if someone was giving her a ride? She always smiled and you could see the tenseness in her body start to relax.  No doubt, thats a long hike down a very dark road at night. No way i would be doing it.
Finally i cleared it with my husband if she was OK to have in my car. Meaning, did she mule drugs into the prison??
He just laughed and teased me for my do it first and then ask when its kind of too late..
It was in fact him who asked me to go get her moved out of this old rooming house because she had told her boyfriend that one of the men living there was really hassling her and she was scared.
I went and got her that night, gave her the drill on what i did for a living and the speech about dope in my car or house.
Don't ever risk bringing it in cuz, i can smell Cocaine from a mile away, Heroin will get you killed. Never bring it around me!! 
We are doing LIFE not play-time.
She never did while living in my house &  in fact when her "boyfriend" "encouraged" her to pack Heroin, crying her eyes out, she told me the trip and she moved out the next day after we went and had a "little visit" with her boyfriend.
Not because she became his mule, last laugh on him at a Social because, after the entire day of this guy kissing up to her, having a little quickie, smiling at all the guys he had promised the dope to; Annette said, oh no baby, i am here for love not your drug business.. For awhile i wondered if he might not have her killed but????   Annette respected us and we had made it very clear we didn't want her "boyfriend's" heat dumped onto us.
So when we saw Ms Larson had used the RAT motive. Saying  Annette Allan was a RAT and needed to be punished..
We almost fell over.
Look sunshine, Annette Allan might of been a lot of things, mostly just mentally immature, maybe FAS i don't know but, she was NO RAT!!!!!!!
You admit ripping her off for her drugs so to us, it reads more like a burn & you just needed a cheezy grab.. The good ole fall-back on some chump  being the fall-down came into play..
Finger her a RAT..
So why not just punch her out & flush her dope??
No, you two lock her up in the bathroom for hours, you two beat her with a hammer, smash her teeth out, stab her 9 times, roll her up in plastic and park her dying body in a bath-tub,  then you and your partner in crime drive around doing her dope or selling it, whatever the frig you two did for 8 hours???  
With Annette still alive and struggling in the trunk for 8 hours before the pair of you toss her into the Fraser River???  huummmm  Ya right...
The Judge might of bought into that BS but, we have an entire different reading on it. Likely you do too now that your not boxed 24x7.
The NPB isn't likely to suck it up either so start doing the VOP programs now sugar..
You beat her for her dope & then to cover your own ass, you beat her to death..
After what you did to her you got the parts to call her a RAT???
Even as a Woman scorned, Annette Allan left the comforts of my place to go sleep in a frigging shelter BUT she never once even considered going to IPSO to RAT on the POS that was using her up & punking her off. And remember, she walked 15 miles to visit this POS..
 A Rat my ass and who are you to decide what punishment anyone does or does not deserve??
Hello JoJo. You never screwed up?? 
So tell us,  what was it she dropped the dime on?
She wouldn't Rat on Len, she left my place cuz she wouldn't up me the whole Heroin gig to protect the street mules, never squealed to IPSO when Mr. Wonderful bent her over and punched out her heart over the Heroin she refused to pack into him.
So really, in a little shit-hole crack shack with a rip off artist like you, what could of been worth getting killed for? 
What could she of snitched on?
 Funny, we don't read anything about extra charges?
In fact to this day, nothing new with any mention of the Surrey "House of Horrors"..  Go figure eh...
 Maybe she put it on you about being a dope thief?? Or, maybe she fingered you to be the Rat?
Maybe you were just getting real used to beating people to death??
We can chat about this one day if your up for it?
 Restorative Justice might be good for you & i...
There has to be some kind of Justice..
I have so often wanted to call her Mother, tell her that this Annette Allan from Surrey that we read about was not at all the sparkling friendly & vulnerable young girl all us "Ladies" in Victoria knew. 
We might of "worked" but Annette Allan sure the hell didn't  and,  Mike or Steve - Victoria Vice will back that play!!!
If Annette was "working" & addicted to drugs in Surrey, then i dare say it was some SOB man that took advantage of her need to be loved who wired her up and put her ass out!!!
Kiss yours that i am living such a pro-social life & don't visit prisons anymore.
Spend your time wisely, use it to worry yourself sick that it isn't my best-friend sitting beside you.
Your Children must be so proud of you.

Surrey Now The accused, the trial, pleading guilty, 18 years, all the stories that were reported are in the BACK ISSUES or, Search Dates & Annette Allan, House of Horrors June 06,2005 ~ March 11,2004 ~ October 6 2004

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