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STW Mentoring & The Fraser Valley John School

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We Are Not All Drug Addicts
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Poverty Is The Leading Cause Of Prostitution

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Some Facts About Prostitution From A Prostitutes Point Of View

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"Getting Out" of the "life" - sex-trade is a significant challenge.
It is a lot more difficult to get out than any of us remember it was getting in. It takes a lot more planning, hard work, accountability and support.
 For many of us, "working" was the first time in our lives we felt any control of our own financial security.
 For most of us it was the first time we had ever had any financial security.
 Safe housing, healthy food & decent clothing for our children, means to leave abusive relationships, education and many other opportunities we never had were made possible in such a short time.
For some, "working" and making decent money makes us feel accomplished, productive, attractive, wanted, appreciated and in some sad stories, even loved.
The fact is "working" has kept or is still keeping many of us from homelessness and losing our children to the system.
Most of us could not or still can not afford ongoing monthly prescriptions, dental and 100 other reasonable necessities if we did not "work" in the sex-trade.
Many of us did not enter into the sex-trade by any choice of our own.
None of us woke up one morning and said, I think i will become a prostitute today.
Very few of us had any financial or business management background so, most of us "worked" our way out of the sex-trade flat broke.
For all of us who "work" or have "worked" in the sex-trade, our families and the people who gave up on us, the children we have lost to the system or disrespect, to the friends we have lost to addiction, suicide and murder, to the men that have raped & beat us, to everyone who exploited us, betrayed our love & trust, shattered our dreams if not our lives;
This web site is a great way to start rebuilding worthy
relationships, quickly introduce ourselves to others, and educate visitors on the key issues of the sex-trade.
                   The "John School"  
Prostitution Offender Program
 "John School" is the financial core of our mission.
In fact without it, we will not be able to exist at all.
Why put all the financial "burden" onto the "Johns"?
Without "Johns" there is no Prostitution. 
No pimps, less exploiting of children & human trafficking, less unreported rapes, assaults, less suicide & drug overdoses, reduced spreading of sexually transmitted diseases and 101 more good reasons including incest, the breakdown in family relationships & domestic violence.
Our community leaders and business owners must be made to fully understand the scope of the sex-trade, the damaged ruins it leaves behind, how to keep the "pimps" away from our high schools, youth organizations, teen hangouts and the many other places these parasites select to recruit & groom or as in many cases, mussel & kidnap our children.
We all need to become better educated to what immediate needs must be met in assisting all sexually exploited people in their initial transition from the sex-trade to stability. 
How we can best network with the police, courts, the business community, outreach and rehabilitation resources.
As a community we need to be honest in admitting that we don't have many and agree to remain diligent when planning how we can make such resources available.
By working together we can make changes, by making changes we can provide opportunities, by providing opportunities, people can make healthy choices for themselves.
Without community intervention, outreach resources, education and the financial accountability from the "problem" - the "Johns" via "John School", our community enjoyment and business owners, our women and our children are going to be at risk because this "problem" is spreading into every neighbourhood in every community that has an adult male population.
"where there is men there is money". 
Visualize used condoms, infected needles, drug overdosed people.
Now think about elementary schools, day care facilities, public parks and recreation centres, the parking lot or bush behind your place of business. 
Remind ourselves;
 We may not have the Sky Train Strolls out here in the Fraser Valley but, our children, women and seniors do take the Bus and; they are being harassed by "Johns", recruited by "Pimps" and bothered by the "Hookers" bumming a smoke or money at the Bus stops.
South Fraser Way Bus stops, not the Seattle Greyhound Bus Station.

                       POVERTY, PIMPS & PROSTUTION
Pimps have expanded their recruiting potential all the way out to the upper Fraser Valley.
Because it has been proven the youth from the "burbs" & the "sticks" are not as "street savvy" - educated on pimps and their recruiting tactics.
 Pimps know that in every "low-income" - "poverty stricken" area,
 the youth are more likely to suffer low self-esteem, come from single parent homes or homes where both parents are working so;
the young person(s) have more unsupervised time, less financial availability to entertain themselves, dress fashionably and the many other issues that people living in poverty face everyday.
 There is poverty in several neighbourhoods scattered throughout all of our Fraser Valley communities and, there is also an actively growing sex-trade in every one of those neighborhoods.
Now we have a festering problem with dilapidation.  
Vacant houses &  buildings.
If it is dry and you have a blanket on the floor, there is a "John" happy to do his business there too. Oh yes way!!!
 Pimps, Johns & Sex-Trade Workers are everywhere and like it or not, some are "working" right next-door to you.
There is new wave of prostitution going on in this Valley that i am just being educated on as i am interviewing the sex-trade workers whom are anxious to exit the "life."
From high end gated communities to the garbage shelter in your back alley. If it is dark and reasonably dry, it is open for business.
           "i know a place real close"
Time is money and outdoor workers are not going to waste any of it walking 5 miles back to "my spot".
If not working for a Pimp, the prostitutes have to earn a good spot on the Stroll.
In fact, very likely had to earn their way onto the Stroll.
And that spot is where their regulars know to find them, their Pimps better find them or else and, this is how their spotters or friends know they are in trouble or dead if they never return there.
If you live within 6 blocks a known "Stroll", there is a good chance you will have an unwelcome but memorable interaction with a prostitute conducting his / her business.
If you operate a business within 2 blocks, start recording license plate numbers of the mobile hotels and sin bins blocking your driveway because the "problem" is not likely to just go away on its own.
Oh ya, and don't be shocked when you discover to whom is the registered owners of some of these vehicles.
"Johns" have discovered they don't have to stress themselves out with such a long drive into downtown Vancouver anymore, very often with a sleeping child snuggled into a car seat.
Perhaps your sleeping child!
Yes, we know it can't be your Father or Husband BUT; these Men belong to someone and i am going to almost promise you that yes; you are related to or are a very close acquaintance to a male who buys sex in some form.
Tara writes;
I personally have had more than one "John" ask in an already assumed tone of voice after he has had sex with me "you don't have any VD do you?" 
But the real killer joke to my disbelief was; after asking for my description, the FAQ asked was "do you smoke?"..
 Never once was i asked if i was Disease free, an IV drug user, did my children eat breakfast this morning, am i being forced to be a prostitute but; do i smoke??
Men will decline to rinse their mouth out or wash their face before they go home to their wives and kiss their children but, would refuse to do business with a smoker.   
No, i will never understand it either.
Addictions Mentor writes:
The "John" population is alive & well in every nook & cranny and they prowl around everywhere.
I don't know how but they think they can spot a prostitute in Save On Foods or Funks.
They will wait for you to leave the store and then approach you in broad daylight with, "want company" "are you looking for fun"?
You can be dressed in sweats & your hair tied back, totally unaware your being looked at. Stalked...
Here you were transfixed on shopping, comparing prices & brands, buying diapers & food for your children, cat food & tampons.
And as your pushing your cart towards your car you find yourself being confronted by a "John".
Men are not stopping in to buy milk anymore, they are shopping for sex and they want to have a good look before they buy. It is sick.
I have been solicited on the street in Abbotsford many times and i am genuine in my believing this is a real problem for males and females of all ages. I am 53 years old...
There has been media reporting of young girls being approached or followed home by "Johns" who claim to have mistaken them for prostitutes.
One was a 12 year old girl on her way home from school.
Someone's daughter. Was she yours???  
August 31,2007 The Undercover Police Sting in the Clearbrook Road & Hillcrest area.
The streets are not safe and the prostitutes stuck out there "working" on them are not safe. Prostitutes "working" anywhere are not safe.
The "Johns" have become more violent. The prostitutes are starting out younger all the time.
Children are being bought and sold like used cars. Drive them into the ground them dump their bodies where nobody has to look at the wreck they have become.
No, not overseas. Right here in British Columbia.. Right here in the Fraser Valley.
There is an unbelievable number of HBV - HIV - AIDS infected sex-trade workers providing services and whom either do not care they are spreading it or, because they don't have a clue that they are infected. 
It is not like a blinker goes off and, you can be infected for years before it is detected.  
Every day there is at least one sex-trade worker with full blown AIDS being raped; often even after informing - pleading with the "John" that he / she has AIDS.
The "John" doesn't believe it because he thinks he is being tricked into letting the victim get away.
Bev  wrote;
I'm here to tell you "John"
Prostitutes are out on the street to make money.
Being raped & beat to a pulp comes with the job and we are used to it OK.
It happens to us all the time and often several times in one day or by a deranged group of "Johns" out looking for some twisted humor.
It saves us time and energy to just submit and let you do whatever it is your going to do unless it starts looking like i might wind up dead.
So, when i tell you I have HIV, AIDS, Hep A B C or, a frigging pimple on my ass, do yourself and your loved ones a big favor, BELIEVE ME.
Give me a punch to my face and keep calling me filthy names but, put yourself back into your pants and go home grateful that I cared enough to tell you. Lots won't!!!
Kiss your wife, your mother, your sister, your daughter and then; kiss your lucky ass that your Doctor is not soon going to be telling you to kiss it goodbye.
And "John", sweetie this;
You are not my friend, you are not special to me, no, i do not like you better than every other man i have ever known.
However, you do remind me of the many other creeps in my life that have abused me.
All you are to me is money.
I don't care about your wife, your mother or your boss.
In Fact "John";
I don't care about you, what you do for a living and i really could care less how much money you make just so long as you keep spending it buying sex from me.
In the many years you & I have done business, you have never given me a tip on my Birthday or at Christmas. Yet you think your "loyalty" to me as my "regular" means you get a reduced rate.
Like the time i was so sick i serviced you for $5.00 in the Court House parking lot..
How dare you even use the word "loyalty".
Your a married man buying sexual services from a prostitute who is homeless and sick from drug addiction.
How "loyal" to your wife does that make you?
How "loyal" to your own community does that make you?
Tammy writes:
No i will not give you a blow-job for a rock of crack-cocaine, what makes you assume i am on drugs?
Oh ya i forgot, because i am a prostitute.
You make me want to hurl with your "kinky talk" and NO, No, No.
No you are not my daddy, No you can not have sex with my daughter or my son and No, i will not have sex with yours..
Thank You For Visiting Our Site
We hope you'll find the information you need on this site to make an informed decision on prostitution and our independent Fraser Valley "John School".
We look forward to hearing from you if you have any questions or need further information.
Our Hard Copy Petition is available for your place of business when you email your request to:  subject; Petition.
We will get it to you within 72 hours.

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