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BC Centre For Disease Control  website:
Educational Information on STD & AIDS, STD Testing Clinics (address & phone numbers), Education & Training Programs.
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No Hep C support groups in the Fraser Valley.
If anyone is interested in starting one, use the group application form on this site or, contact us if you need any help.

STD Resources Education & Prevention Symptoms & Treatments

Get your copy of the "MISSING" CD $22.00 Canadian including shipping. Mail your cheque or money order to Elizabeth Hume - Haven Society PO Box 311, Nanaimo, BC, V9R 5L3 Canada Phone In Orders: (250)754- 0764 printable order form is available on Haven Society website.

Vancouver Sun ~ June 05, 2006 Ode to the missing but not forgotten the "MISSING" --CD

Rape Relief & Woman's Shelter Crisis Intervention & Suicide Prevention 1-800-784-2433 TTY- 1-866-872-0113 Help For Youth Online: Victims Services [BC] 1-800-563-0808

STW Mentoring & The Fraser Valley John School

Links & Information

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Internet Search:
 maggies prostitution toronto
there are 100s of educational, personal & fun sites to visit.
Maggie's was the first sex worker - run education project in Canada.
This website includes; Maggie's Operational Manual - Maggie's Advice "if the cops want to talk to you" "what to do if you are arrested" & a lot more articles from "days gone bye."
Maggie's Health Cards are worth the read. Worth the practice if your still in the Biz or, simply just out having sex...
Some of this will give you a real eye-opener to the changes in the sex-trade over the passing of 20 years and a lot of the sex-trade pioneers.
Have the attitudes of the STW themselves changed??
Any comments??  - email Maggie with your comments or just a hello and thank you for fighting so hard to get Canada kick-started on educating us STW, the Johns about safe sex in the "work place" the Police & our Communities about prostitution & the issues related to the sex-trade industry.
You may find Maggie & her pals a touch controversial to say the least but; let us respect Maggie's was founded in 1986..
Some of you working today were not even born yet.
Thanks Maggie, you paved a much eaiser Stroll for us to Hustle down today..

A Hooker Is A Person In Your Neighborhood
 In Memory Of
"The Contessa"
Passed away quietely with many of the "Girls" sobbing at her bedside.
Well Respected, Well Loved & Forever Missed

First Nations Drum

Vanished Voices

Maggie de VRIES ~ Maggie's sister Sarah was one of the Vancouver Missing Woman. Like at least 25 others, Sarah became a victim of Murder. Sarah's DNA (from a tooth) was found on the Pickton Pig Farm. Maggie de VRIES is a wonderful author of Children's books. She has also endured writing a book on Sarah. Maggie has given intervies & opened her families privacy to share Sarah's tragic struggles with addiction, Sarah's 2 children & all the real life issues that so many of us would never want haunting us or our loved ones. Internet search: Maggie de VRIES to visit many more sites.


The Pickton Letters

Reel of Film

Boycott the film
"Killer Picton"
Only The Name Has Changed, The Subject Of This Vile Production Is Still The Same "Willy" Accused Of Murdering 26 Women On The Notorious Pig Farm.
The Vancouver Sun -- Keep Up To Date & Search Archives
Sex-Trade Workers of Canada

Filing Cabinet

Vancouver's Downtown Eastside Missing People Please Read & Sign the Guestbook

Prostitution Awareness & Action Foundation of Edmonton. This is perfect direction for the pathway to our Fraser Valley John School. All we need now is, The Police to support our campaign.

Edmonton Police Service - Prostitution In Edmonton This is an Excellent Educational Link For Police, Victim Services & Community Leaders to Bookmark "Good Example" & "Good Idea For The Fraser Valley". PAAFE & The Edmonton Police Work In Partnership. Why Aren't We?? The picture in the website says it all: In Edmonton it is the Police out driving around in Hummers "recruiting", In the Fraser Valley it is the Pimps!!!

Red Spinning DNA Model

Let us know of a link that you find interesting and we may add it to this page.